In his pre-theatre days, Dave helped to create the foundation of the Hip-Hop movement working in the studio with artists like Kurtis Blow, Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, Public Enemy and Grand Master Flash as well as other mainstream artists like Paul Simon, Cameo, Mick Jagger and Kool and the Gang. As a composer, his music has been featured in film and on TV shows like Joe Eszterhas’s BURN HOLLYWOOD, BURN, Boaz Yakin’s FRESH and LAW AND ORDER:SUV.


In the musical theatre world, Dave co-wrote the rock n roll musical space fantasy, WILD WOMEN OF PLANET WONGO, presented at the New York Musical Theatre Festival before its world premiere production at the Red Barn Theatre in Key West, Florida. Later, Dave helped create a new immersive production of WONGO which began in Bushwick Brooklyn, moved to the Parkside Lounge in Manhattan where it ran for 10 months and then ran at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago. In 2021, WONGO will be featured virtually as part of the Front-Row Fringe Festival.


Dave also co-wrote the rock n roll musical women-in-prison spoof, HELL HOLE HONEYS, initially produced at the Eugene O’Neill Music Theater Conference. HONEYS was awarded the TRU New Voices Award in New York City where it was presented at the Players Theatre in New York and before receiving its world premiere production at the Alleyway Theatre in Buffalo, New York.


Dave's other musicals include THE LEGEND OF JULIE TAYMOR OR THE MUSICAL THAT KILLED EVERYBODY which was performed at the Fringe Festival in New York City and the rock-opera MATA HARI, presented at a workshop at the University of Western Michigan and was scheduled for a reading at the York Theatre, New York City in May 2020. Dave was a finalist in the Ken Davenport Song Writing Competition with the song "Cracked and Broken".


Since Covid, Dave has co-written 3 new short musicals. In 2021, Dave’s short musical A GOOD LIFE will be featured on The Latest Draft Podcast series. THE RESILIENT PROJECT, a music video of one of Dave's song from MATA HARI, was created to support healthcare workers fighting Covid, and features over 60 performers.

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